47 years ago Alan Gordon began his training at the Royal Air bigstock-small-green-dumbbells--isolat-52291879Force School of Physical Training and then on to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court; followed by continuing studies at Loughborough University.

At this point, be very much aware that his Armed Forces origin is not in any way his philosophy or working practice when it comes to fitness, exercise and flexibility.

Alan is strongly opposed to the methodologies of military fitness training handed out so randomly these days to anyone and everyone at boot camps etc. Such scenarios are responsible for a great many avoidable problems and injuries appearing in later life, of which he has seen consistent and regular confirmation of first hand, time and time again over the last 47 years.

Alan’s career scope has been extensive, with past and present profile encompassing:

bullet Exercise Consultant to the Civil Services Union
Exercise Director of the international corporate wellbeing organisation ‘Feeling Alive’

bullet Retained to review the health status of Hewlett Packard, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Bovis Lendlease International
Consulted by Channel 4, BBC2, QVC, BBC Radio and Discovery 1 television

bullet Author of the book ‘Get Fit – Flexibility’ (See Amazon.com)
bullet Long consulted expert source for journalists researching for articles on Exercise, Injury and Nutrition.
bullet Interviewed by and quoted in… ’Is Your Personal Trainer Wrecking Your Health’ The Daily Mail and ’Spring Into Action’ The Sunday Telegraph.
bullet Exercise Consultant to ‘Men’s Health’ magazines Ÿ

Since March 2002, Alan has been retained to privately assess what is now 2,963 personal trainers and exercise/fitness personnel.

Alan is an advanced expert in improving strength, flexibility and tone, along with weight loss, activity/sport specific exercise prescription, injury recovery and intelligent wellbeing expertise. His skills for taking someone into a permanently established, higher life fitness condition after injury and physiotherapy treatment, are extremely effective.

Most of his clients range up from their late 30s and some of them are actually over 80 years old;  all at various levels from novice exercisers to advanced. Age, weight, gender, present physical condition including dietary/physical and medical limitations are most certainly not the obstacle you might well have thought them to be at this point in your life.

Realistically good  results in keeping with your personal potential are always possible, without ever ‘busting a gut’ via being needlessly pushed to an overly tired, or sometimes even exhausted condition to try and achieve your goals. I’m afraid this happens all too often in personal training situations; usually ‘sold’ as being someone’s necessary commitment of effort in order to achieve success. This is absolute nonsense!

As a Biomechanist, Alan’s specialised knowledge of Biomechanics and exercise movement is very advanced, so a gymnasium or health club is totally unnecessary in order to achieve very good to sometimes inspiring results. Achievements regularly exceed client expectations, and all happening right there in the privacy of their own homes.

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