Delyth Morgan

After eleven years in total, of living with both hips replaced, I’d resigned myself to the level of mobility I was left with and daily use of a stick as my extra limb. I was told that at the ripe old age of forty six, that this was probably as good as it gets, so with our move to France happening shortly before Xmas, it was a case of that was that. Then my sister Elaine who’s a nurse, told me about Alan, as she’d found out he’s recommended by Professor Lamb, Oxford University’s rehabilitation and trauma professor. Not having a clue what a Biomechanist was, I had to go and look it up, but afterwards decided to give Alan a shot. He did various tests on how I move around and it was a big turning point for me. The work we’ve done together since, has given me much more ease of movement and noticeably greater strength and staying power in my hips and legs, which eases up the stresses of each and every day. True I’ll never be able to run for a bus, but my life is way more comfortable and measurably more normal than it was before, so this description for his testimonials is my personal thank you to Alan for making my forthcoming life in France a whole lot happier and more liveable. Many thanks Alan.