Dr Raymond Wright

“I have been using Alan Gordon regularly and consistently for over five years. Despite the fact that I do regular general exercise by walking, swimming and cycling, I have found that Alan gets to the ‘parts that other beers don’t reach’ in his amazingly skilful comprehension of bodily mechanics.

Like most of us, I’d guess, I just don’t have the mental discipline to work through exercise routines consistently. But I know they are needed to balance out general aerobic exercise in order to avoid injuries and ‘niggles’.

With Alan this is all made very easy. With him there I’m given exercises to do which, yes, I can find challenging, but which are always fun and interesting, and most importantly of all, I finish them!

Alan’s ability to watch my bodily reactions carefully and instantly physically adjust the routine and the repetitions to precisely the level that makes it all progressive, but still leaves you feeling happy and satisfyingly exercised at the end, is simply amazing.

Over all these years I have never been bored or felt any exercise programme was getting remotely repetitive or off-putting. How he keeps creating new programs, which exactly suit my particular body mechanics I just don’t know – but he does.

As a result, I have worked muscles I never even knew I had, and the bottom line is that I am stronger, fitter and more flexible in all sorts of ways, whilst I find myself much improved in all my sporty type activities too. Plus if you ever get the odd ‘tweak’ in the body from gardening etc, Alan seems to immediately know with pinpoint precision, exactly what to do to rectify the matter – so all those extra injury skills get thrown in with my personalised exercise programmes.


An overall great bargain, in my view! Frankly I don’t know what I would do without his advice and routines other than revert to being a blob, and as I’m nearing seventy that would never do!


I can recommend Alan most strongly to anyone wanting to improve their general well-being, manage their weight or get fitter… safely. And I do mean anyone.

Whether a fully paid-up couch potato who has decided it is time to get that body gently moving again, someone wanting to recover mobility or movement, preparing for or after an operation, or just someone very fit wanting to improve their levels without risk of overdoing it.

In the fitness market, there are so many so-called personal trainers out there, who just set you the same routines day in day out regardless of your personal needs. Most are a very far cry from being expert enough to assess your Biomechanics which are your body’s very personal movement capabilities, or able to recognise and understand in-depth, your individual co-ordination skills. You have to be very careful to make sure you get genuinely expert advice, otherwise you can end up worse off than before, so Alan being a Biomechanist is such a huge safety advantage.

The body is a very complex organism. But in my view based on solid first hand experience over quite some years working with him, no one knows how it works better than Alan and this statement has been proven to me many times over. You will not go wrong with Alan Gordon, as he honestly defines the term expert.

Dr Raymond Wright