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I’ve been exclusively in the field of exercise, injury and nutrition for 47 years. Onbigstock-Dumbbell-8040561 average per year, I perform 26 ‘Expert Witness’ roles in litigations involving personal injury and loss of earnings caused by personal trainers and multiple types of exercise instruction personnel.

Since 2002 I’ve been retained to privately assess 2,963 personal trainers and exercise people of various description, encountering a very  wide and extensive spectrum of situations and problems in the process. My advice is based upon my own personal ’hands on’ 15 years experience in professional assessment/expert witness roles and 47 years in one-to-one exercise, injury and nutrition.

Wherever you are in the UK, young or old, man or woman; if you are involved in any form of exercise/instructed activity of any description, ask yourself this very important question today.


Nowadays, the exercise and fitness industry offers dozens of qualifications that involve very little training, and those individuals are then allowed to take charge of anyone’s health and wellbeing. This newspaper article truly highlights the problem – Daily Mail

Gym instructor certificates involve anything from a week to a couple of weeks training, kettle bell instructor courses are only 15 hours long, many injury courses last  a few days and numerous nutrition diplomas take just a few days to a week of training. There are actually recognised and recommended personal trainer courses which allow any person with no experience whatsoever, to qualify as a personal trainer after only 10 weeks of training and a Pilates Teacher course is similarly short, requiring only 12 weeks of training. The amount of training that lies behind these courses are facts almost always unknown to those who matter.. ..namely the clients.

Be honest now…It’s hardly difficult to conclude via simple common sense; as to how anyone can be credibly safe and have in-depth knowledge of the human body’s extensive exercise/healing capabilities and safety limitations after such short training periods. If someone actually believes this is possible, then by that same principle, it equates to them happily allowing a dentist with only 10 weeks of training, to inject their gums, drill into their teeth and give them a filling or crown! Would you?

After 47 years of professional experience amongst all manner and level of exercise/ fitness personnel, I very strongly advise you…. to never be ‘convinced’ by impressive websites, sleek health club/gym premises, or ‘high tech’ sounding qualification titles. Completely regardless of whoever and wherever they are, always ask your exercise or injury person exactly how much training their qualifications took to attain, and what membership entry qualifications were required to join the associations, fitness registers or professional bodies they belong to.

Also; establish how long your exercise instructor/trainer has been qualified, and how long in total, they’ve been in the specific fields of exercise, injury or nutrition. Just because someone is 50 years old, never just automatically assume they have many years of professional expertise and experience, as many older instruction people could well have been in another job entirely until fairly recently. Never assume.. always be sure…always be safe.. ..Ask them.

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