John Caunt

I started exercising nine years ago, and was lucky enough to be introduced to Alan at that time. There are many people everywhere, offering what they term personal training, but I truly doubt there are many who even remotely approach his knowledge and expertise, and who’s abilities in the fields of exercise, injury and nutrition matters are as complete as Alan’s.

I’d had previous tuition from personal trainers, but it wasn’t until Alan instructed me, that I realised how seriously important personal Biomechanics really are, and how I’d never previously received the correct attention for me as a uniquely individual body.

Under his guidance I was shown how, for example the angle of the knee, or the toes pulled back towards the shins can turn an injury threatening experience into an effective and beneficial exercise technique.

At my age, the aim was not to create a beautiful body, but a strong and supple one, with good ranges of movement that would take me into the future with sound health and flexibility, whilst warding off the perceived problems of later years.

Alan’s in-depth understanding of exercise physiology, injury, food science and all the mechanics of training techniques have most certainly achieved results, and helped me realise my personal health ambitions.

He is a pleasant good-humoured tutor, who instils confidence and enthusiasm from the moment you begin working with him. You cannot buy good health, but money spent on Alan Gordon is a very shrewd investment.”

John Caunt