Oliver Miles

Alan Gordon has been my trainer for about three years. When I started I had severe leg and hip pain but I wanted to get walking and if possible, jogging again (I am now 74). I was also very stiff, and it turned out that I needed a hip replacement.

Alan worked conscientiously with the hospital physios before my operation and afterwards, entirely changed their rather meagre programming. The result was a complete success. I am now fitter than I have been for many years, not only as a result of the operation but also thanks to Alan’s individual programming of specialised exercises, particularly the stretching and flexibility ones which are finely calibrated to the way I personally move.

Cutting my toenails is no longer a problem. His method is professionally cautious, progressive and body specific to the individual, with no dubious nonsense about “no pain no gain”. I was equally impressed by his diagnosis and successful treatment of a sports injury one of my sons had suffered, which sundry surgeons, doctors and sports physios had totally failed to deal with over a number of years.

All this is based upon his remarkable understanding of Bio-mechanics, the way in which the body actually works.

Oliver Miles, Ex British Ambassador to Libya.