Exercise Differences. Men and Women.

Why is it that in one to one personal training, this highly significant mistake is still commonly made every day on a really vast scale?

It’s men and women receiving the same exercise prescription.

Yes, this ‘same for men as women’ situation is certainly unavoidable in exercise classes or in fact any gathering of several people, completely regardless as to what kind of class it is. However, working in truly competent and body personalised mode (which is the very foundation stone of genuinely efficient one to one personal training) that fully recognises and acts upon the gender exercise differences should always without fail, be the only working methodology…..but hardly ever is!

Make absolutely no mistake here; not recognising them has distinct consequences, either relatively immediate, or by actually creating subtle problems ( ‘officially’ termed.. sub-clinical micro trauma) which will be physically unnoticed at the time by the person, but builds up slowly under their conscious awareness until perhaps 5 weeks…….six months……or even a year plus down the line, this build up accumulates to reach a point where it makes itself known and hey presto……it’s then called ‘clinical trauma’,  which means it hurts or the sufferer is very much aware of it in stiffness, movement restrictions or specifically located musculo-skeletal problems.

People don’t think back of course and rarely ever make the connection with exercise/training sessions they had some time ago, let alone realising that they could well be responsible for their present discomfort, problem or injury.

It’s extremely important that actually creating such a negative and damaging cycle is avoided as much as possible, and giving women the same exercises as men in an extensive number of areas is far more likely to actually encourage it, and most definitely not… safe and efficient personal training either, that’s for sure.

There are numerous differences to take on board, with a few of them being things like pelvic angle (and the exercise/muscle dependant implications of that), time related joint safety and extensive motion range differences…..all of them different in women compared to men. Focused attendance to them all biomechanically, in every single area of all exercise prescription at all times, is a cast iron, non-negotiable basic requirement for any one to one personal training service provided for a lady, whatever her age, medical history or physical goals.

Correct biomechanical address of these factors in the exercise prescription design makes the physical programming that follows highly efficient and dramatically safer, without planting the seeds of future problems, so ladies… really do make sure that you’re getting this standard of competence if you’re receiving at any level, what has been presented and sold to you, as being one to one personal training.

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