Oxford Personal Trainer / Biomechanist Alan Gordon. The Big Difference.

He’s a Biomechanist, so it’s important to understand exactly how advanced Oxford Personal Trainer Alan Gordon actually is. Of the 18 Biomechanists in the UK, he’s the only one who also has a Nutrition degree.


Alan Gordon Oxford Personal TrainerAs an Oxford Biomechanist … Oxford Personal Trainer Alan Gordon is at a professional level in Oxford Exercise, Injury and Fitness matters that’s far beyond the capability of other Oxford personal trainers.This elite level is why as Oxford personal training clients, Alan has GPs, Physios, Pilates teachers, Yoga teachers and personal trainers, with even a Surgeon and Pathologist amongst them; as well everyday people.
Stages below demonstrate what all Oxford personal training clients should receive … but don’t!

  • Telephone conversation with Alan. All client goals/aspirations discussed.
  • Client completes ‘Health and Nutrition Questionnaire’ … 6 x A4 pages. Full physical history documented, including an additional 3 x A4 page, 7 day ‘Diet Diary’.
  • Client returns completed questionnaire. From the contents, Alan compiles a more in-depth set of questions to ask, for greater insight into the client’s complete situation.
  • Face to face meeting … the Initial Consultation. Alan asks all his additional questions.
  •  Alan tests the client’s personal Biomechanics head to foot. Biomechanical variations are completely unique to each and every individual. Without testing them and knowing precisely what they are, it is impossible to receive any training that validates the title ‘personal training’. Without Biomechanics testing beforehand and all following being based entirely on the results, any exercise or instruction of any description is only supervised exercise. Supervised exercise is far less safe and dramatically less efficient than real personal training.
  • Full Biomechanics testing called ROM Testing, (meaning Range of Motion) takes 60 mins plus, with the entire Initial Consultation approx two hours. When the Initial Consultation is over, (using the ROM Test results) Alan calculates/designs the exact flexibility, exercise and fitness sequences that precisely fit the client’s individual bodily capabilities.This level of safety/ excellence is impossible with supervised exercise, but personal trainers don’t have advanced Exercise Biomechanics expertise.
  • The client’s illustrated, full colour laminated flexibility routine is produced, and the first appointment is going through it in fine detail. They’re then performed daily for two weeks before anything of a direct fitness active/injury addressing nature is embarked upon. An inflexible body is absolutely the very worst possible starting point for any personal training/exercise structure of any description and ‘launching’ into exertional exercising at any level without pre-established flexibility, involves numerous dangers and creates future problems, but unfortunately …  it happens in personal training all the time.
  • Improved flexibility established … exercise/fitness begins. Only what is physically compatible with the personal physiology is performed. Progress steps taken at an 8-11% rate of increased effort, but only when the client’s body clearly biomechanically ‘signals’ that it’s ready. This expertise is standard in all Alan’s work. He’s been retained to privately assess 2,564 personal trainers since March 2002. It’s a  very clear statement, as to how his expertise is regarded in personal training matters.

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