bullet Masters Degree – Biomechanics and Applied Human Movement.bigstock-sport-and-recreation-concept--48717374
Masters Degree – Clinical Nutrition.
bullet Advanced Diploma. Clinical Sports Therapy
bullet Advanced Diploma. Clinical Stress Management.

Member of:

bullet British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences
bullet Clinical Exercise Physiology Association.
bullet Gait and Clinical Movement Analysis Society.
bullet The British Society of Gastroenterology.
bullet The Nutrition Society.

For the last 23 years Alan has maintained regular contact with 17 international human performance institutes, and as a result, his knowledge and expertise is genuinely state-of-the-art. His specialist fields are: Ÿ

bullet Over 45s Exercise, Injury and Nutrition.
bullet Ladies Exercise, Injury and Nutrition
bullet Weight Loss/Management

Alan is based in Worcestershire but works across the county, sometimes travelling into London and further afield for specific projects and assessment work. He works totally on the principles of the individual’s body in its own personally unique way, showing exactly what that person is safely capable of, and does this by carefully testing their personal Biomechanics which are totally unique to each and every individual.

Once someone’s personal Biomechanics are revealed, and all their exercise, stretching and physical methodology is based only upon their results, it is virtually impossible for that person to get injured on the road to a better state of physical health, regardless of their gender, age, present condition or past history. It is the ultimate safety guarantee and absolutely crucial, particularly for the older generation and those moving towards that category, like the forty plus age group.


About Alan

As a Biomechanist this makes Alan a very advanced Biomechanics expert, and escalates his personal trainer role with his work in Oxford, Burford, Chipping Norton and Evesham…
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After eleven years in total, of living with both hips replaced, I’d resigned myself to the level of mobility I was left with and daily use of a stick as my extra limb. I was told that…
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